About Us

Sorsogon Foods Enterprises (SFE) is a re-discovery of a rich tradition, aspiring to share its valuable heritage to the local and global market.

After her tenure at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private investment arm of the World Bank Group, Erlinda Corsiga explored different industries to occupy herself, and consequently generate income for her family. She soon realized that going back to basics was the answer she was looking for. Back in her hometown, Bulan, Sorsogon, she learned of the forgotten craft of making natural vinegar out of coconut sap or tuba, one that her mother, Concepcion, used to engage in when they were younger. She re-oriented herself with the local tradition of making this organic vinegar, and also created jobs for the community as mananguetes, or coconut sap harvesters. Linda eventually went into production, and as a paean to the one who inspired her, she named her line of products after her mother, the matriarch of the family, Lola Conching.

The SFE farms and factory are in San Rafael, Bulan, Sorsogon, where all the processes are completed by about 40 employees. It employs only the locals from the town to help develop the community through a consistent livelihood. The farms, as well as the vinegar facility, are certified organic by Ecocert SA and certified Kosher.

Since the company’s inception in 2004, SFE has developed a handful of Lola Conching organic vinegars, as well as other natural products based on the sap of the coconut tree. The all-natural and organic vinegars has attracted clients from all over the globe, and are being exported to the United States of America, Australia, UK, Germany, Canada and Hong Kong. As an internationally-certified brand and company, Sorsogon Foods Enterprises ensures the quality of its products by respecting the integrity of its processes and following both local and international standards.

SFE is committed to continue producing high quality organic vinegars and developing other products from coconut sap to offer a different and excellent dynamic to your everyday cooking, diet, and general health.

Our Mission-Vision

The company aspires to be a world-class producer of organic and all-natural coconut sap-based products, become a valuable partner with employees and clients, and continue to protect the environment through sustainable means.

In the effort to fulfill this, the company aims to provide its workers a decent livelihood and lifestyle which they value, save the “dying art” of traditional vinegar-making from coconut sap and rescue the “vanishing breed” of coconut sap harvesters from extinction, and help diminish people’s exposure to harmful, chemically-laden foods by producing organic and all-natural coconut sap-based products.

What is Coconut Sap?

Coconut sap is the sweet liquid that drips from the coconut blossoms. It is not easy to collect and harvest it. The coconut sap harvester goes up and down the coconut tree with an average height of 25 feet, using their bare feet stepping on notches cut around the trunk and wrapping their arms around the trunk as they go up and down the tree. They climb the tree twice a day; in the morning, to gather the collected sap and shave the bud to induce the sap to flow freely and once again in the afternoon to shave the bud for more sap flow. The sap, being part of the “Tree of life”, has many valuable uses. The freshly-gathered coconut sap contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients that is considered more nutritious than fresh apple (please see comparison chart taken from the USDA Nutrient Database). In addition to its being a very nutritious health and energy drink, if fermented and aged naturally and organically, it turns into vinegar; if heated, it becomes coconut syrup and coconut sugar; if distilled, it is turned into wine.