How is Lola Conching organic coco nectar vinegar produced and processed?

From the very beginning, our coconut trees are grown organically in our very own farms. Once the sap has been collected from the trees’ flower buds, vinegar production follows a natural and organic process. Natural fermentation ranges from six months to two years without chemical additives, preservatives, and artificial flavorings and colorings. After aging, the vinegar is then packed in sterilized glass bottles and sealed fresh to preserve all of its natural goodness.

Why does Lola Conching vinegar have a murky color?

The color of the vinegar changes as it ages, from cloudy white to golden yellow to a “winey” brown. Sediments that settle at the bottom of the bottle, film, and coin-like gels appear as part of the mother-of-vinegar that has fragmented. Lola Conching vinegars possess these characteristics naturally, and these are the elements that organically make and enhance the flavors of our products.

What is mother-of-vinegar?

The mother-of-vinegar is a naturally-forming substance in unpasteurized vinegar. They may appear as sediments at the bottom of the bottle, or as circular jelly as it ages. It may seem strange or unappetizing to see this in the vinegar, but mother-of-vinegar is actually safe to consume as it is a healthy living mixture of good bacteria and enzymes. It hastens the fermentation of the vinegar, giving its sourness more depth as it ages. Lola Conching Coco Nectar Virgin Vinegar is the variant that perfectly exhibits the mother-of-vinegar.

How healthy is Lola Conching coco nectar vinegar?

Lola Conching organic, all-natural coco nectar vinegar contains the following vitamins and alkalizing minerals as tested by SGS, and Food Development Center (BFAD-accredited laboratories):

  • Beta-carotene
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Sodium

Is Lola Conching coco nectar vinegar acid or alkaline?

The organic acids found in fruits, vegetables, and coco nectar vinegar provide the body with important minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium. These and other minerals form compounds in the body that turn acid body fluids into alkaline. Because of this, they are called alkalizing minerals, and the food that supply them are called alkalizing foods.

What are the medicinal values of organic coconut nectar vinegar?

  • High in cancer-fighting antioxidants
  • Reduces cholesterol to prevent heart diseases
  • Lowers glycemic index of food
  • Helps reduce osteoporosis
  • Helps cure other conditions—from dandruff to athletes foot, acne, and sinus congestion
  • A natural appetite suppressant

What are the vitamin and mineral content of  coconut sap?

Comparison Chart – Coconut Sap & Apple

How long is the shelf life of Lola Conching organic coco nectar vinegar?

Vinegar in itself is a natural preservative, and can last for at least four years. Just make sure that the vinegar is not diluted with water.

What are the other uses of Lola Conching organic vinegar?

  • Cooking
  • Dipping
  • Marinating
  • Salad dressings
  • Health and energy drink
  • Detoxifying/cleansing
  • Sauce-making
  • Medicinal
  • Other household uses